House of Hope
of the Pee Dee

Investing everything in those who have nothing.

House of Hope of the Pee Dee is a faith-based organization in the Pee Dee River Valley of South Carolina with a mission of helping the homeless get back on their feet. They came to HLK in need of a visual identity and a fresh online presence.

The green H-candle logo we created for the organization represents the the hope, growth, and new beginnings that House of Hope strives to deliver to those in need around the Pee Dee. The brand gave House of Hope a recognizable presence to build on around the community.

We sought to build on the identity with a truly unique web experience that captures the essence of what House of Hope does: help those in need get their lives back on track. For this, we eschewed traditional user experience and asked users to navigate the website upwards rather than downwards as scene of a homeless man getting back on his feet plays out in the background. It’s a memorable experience worthy of the admirable mission House of Hope has operated under for over 25 years.


Identity & Web